* Cross-body bag
* H24 x W29 x D3 cm
* Vegan leather/PET
* Extra storage in the flap
* Adjustable strap
* Perfect for holidays or for a quick run


This company designs, produces and retails: from the beginning to the end, we control the whole process. 

They like to retail honest products against honest prices. From designstudio to factory, always with an immense personal commitment.

25% Of our profit is invested in our Fair-Trade project: a factory in which we educate,  employ and house people in a safe environment. A place where we do not tolerate child labour, but invest in child care. A place where we offer 3 meals a day, 8 working hours a day with a good salary, including the weekends off. A situation which is considered unreal in China. Literally a world of difference.

 We find our environment polluted enough already. That’s why we produce all (vegan leather) materials ourselves. This way we make sure no toxics are involved. And if we do produce real leather, we choose left overs only, which makes every bag unique. A win-win situation.

 We only produce on demand: huge volumes of stock means huge piles of waste.

 Happy employees and happy customers. Both of them equally important, because this way we support each other.


Blue & Grey Curved Banded Crossbody Bag Vegan Leather