A rustic statement for the kitchen(without the knives in the picture)

The knife block from an olive wood tree slice. that protects the blades, because the 12 magnets are embedded in the wood (no contact with the knife blade!) The rustic, solid knife block with warm-looking, beautiful grain and the embedded magnets (do not scrape on the knife blade!), enables quick access to the knife. Practical for everyone who likes to stand in the kitchen.

Knife block Dimensions approx. L approx. 26-27 cm x H approx. 20-21 cm x D approx. 3.5 cm Read Less

About the maker & their products: 

A small wood manufacturer near Hamburg produces  products for everyday use made of olive wood. They attach great importance to high quality and environmentally friendly production.
The olive wood products are completely natural, are only finely ground and then refined with olive oil. This gives the wood its warm honey-yellow tone and the expressive grain of the


 Olive wood is very hard and dense. Twice as hard as oak. This property makes it particularly scratch-resistant and hygienic. In addition, it is insensitive to acids and, thanks to its small pores, does not absorb any odors.


Knife Block in Rustic Olive Wood