8 x 14 x 3cm

This item is handcrafted from sustainable wood using traditional techniques and therefore the item that you receive may differ from the photo shown.


A company passionate about fair trade and committed to adhering to its principles since 1988. As ethical trade is very important to us, we only buy from factories or co-operatives that we have visited in person, in order to ensure that all our suppliers meet our fair trade criteria.




These principles are

  • No child labour
  • Equality in the work place, ensuring both men and women receive fair and equal wages.
  • Safe working conditions, regular breaks and paid holidays, religious freedom and hourly wages.
  • Development of skills and new ideas, using traditional methods to western standards.
  • To pay the price the supplier needs and not to haggle for a cheaper price.
  • To pay up front for all or goods including a minimum of 40% deposit with initial order.
  • To encourage respect for environment and to stop pollution and promote organic and sustainable produce.
  • To maintain long term relationships with our suppliers, giving them confidence to make improvements and investments


Parasite Wood Horse Head - Med

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