We have filled the transparent rubber with traditional Japanese Mizuhiki lines.
Mizuhiki (引) is an ancient Japanese art form in which a special cord is used. (6th century)
The cord is made of rice paper and is made in many colors. 
This art form was used to fasten the Samurai's hair.
Mizuhiki plays an important role in Japanese culture as a symbol of affection, warmth and togetherness.
The material (high quality rubber and resin) is pleasantly light in weight. This necklace has a magnetic lock making it easy to open and close.
Size Cube: 45 x 36 mm 
Rubber size: 5 mm
Lock size: 5mm stainless steel

(51cm) standard size 

Please Note: Some pieces in the collection are sold with one or more cubes.  Some pieces are on their own, so be sure to check the options when ordering.  

In regards to sizing - The maker describes the medium as the average necklace size.  For those of us without a swan neck, the large is great!


Part of a mix and match collection where you can start with a basic necklace in mixed materials with a couple of different length options.  Add cubes in different colours to suit your own style.

Some materials used are rubber, cork, metals.

LRG- Cube Black Gold Multi Strand Rubber Necklace