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The Paddington Crossbody comes in Recycled Canvas.  The Canvas has a textured look and matte feel. See our Sustainability tab below for more information.

Size: 23cm x 23cm x 7cm

Outer material: Weather-resistant recycled canvas (triple-coated)Base material: Weather-resistant canvas (triple coated)Lining material: Recycled nylonHardware: Galvanised, smoked, branded metalStraps: Cotton webbing adjustable shoulder straps and wide loop handles, v-factor comfortZips: Sturdy durable chunky zips allow easy glide and quick opening for all ages

Vegan Friendly: Our products use no animal productsVegan Friendly: Our products use no animal products


We’re serious about sustainability and ROKA has been using repurposed textiles and recycled plastic for its bags since 2020. We have two types of materials for our bags and backpacks, both are weather-resistant, lightweight and durable.

Recycled Canvas is made from post-consumer waste, that’s used plastic bottles and containers that are cleaned, chipped and spun into polyester yarn. Our recycled (rPET) canvas material has a matte look and textured feel.  

Recycled Nylon is made from pre-consumer waste, which involves the process of recycling fibres from unused garments, repurposed material and offcuts. It has a shiny look with a smooth feel.  

Coral- Recycled Canvas Crossbody Bag

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